Monday, April 12, 2010

tempeh & baby corn noodles

We have an electric stove so I find it very tricky to cook stirfries. I have devised a method which works well for tempeh & tofu stirfries - For this one I fried some onion, garlic & tempeh for awhile. I then carefully and slowly added some plum sauce, kecap manis, mirin and soy sauce. If I add them slowly on my stove then it goes okay, if I add them too fast, because my stove doesn't get very hot the whole thing just starts to stew. Ew.

So, when the liquid had burned off I added some baby corn, bok choy & noodles and twiddled them around for awhile.

Then with salad on top. This is the pre-salad shot so you can see the tempeh.

And I am so sorry about the photos. Daylight savings is killing my food photography.

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