Saturday, January 9, 2010

stephanie alexander's plum sauce

Hooray! We have a winner! Since we moved into our current house with a large plum tree in the backyard, I've been searching for the perfect plum sauce recipe. I'm not a huge eater of sweet things, so I don't really do jam. I think this Stephanie Alexander recipe is the best plum sauce I have tried!

I used 1 less cup of vinegar and 1/2 less cup of sugar than the recipe stated - I have no idea what variety of plums we have, but they are a lot more watery & less fleshy than a blood plum. I also didn't actually chop up the plums at all, I just chucked them in whole and cooked for a bit longer. I am a lazy preserve maker.

Anyway, if you have a plum tree, make this sauce! Mmm.

Oh, I also found the recipe made around 1 litre, not 2.


  1. I made Plum Chutney last year and it was delicious - highly recommend it - wish I had a plum tree in my backyard so I had plums on tap!

  2. The birds ate most of our plums... I think my grandma's tree may have some still, if I can lay my mitts on some more I'll try the plum chutney!

  3. how great is having a plum tree!? my old house has a huge one we made jam from the fruits last year...

  4. I think that would go execellently on a crepe or a scone.

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