Monday, May 17, 2010

Buddha's Day and Multicultural Festival 2010

Alternate title: Yumyumyum!

I remember seeing Cindy & Michael's post last year about the delicious food at Buddha's Day, so I really wanted to go this year. Everything was fun, but the food! So good! Lemon chicken! Hooray! I'm not 100% sure if everything was vegan, but I shall say again, it was SO GOOD!

Busy busy! But most food was ready to go, so the queues weren't very long.

Mock prawns! I have avoided these until now, because I was never a big fan of the real deal, but these were great. Some vegies (I think carrot & radish?) plus water chestnut (crunchy!) wrapped in yuba & noodles & deep fried! Great! I actually tried to replicate these last night with not so much success - oh wells!

These were cooked by Buddha’s Light International Association of Victoria.

LEMON CHICKEN!!! By Fo Guang Shan Melbourne, which I believe is a college run by Buddha's Light. I think they have vegetarian classes. Yummm.

Beef noodle soup! I can't remember who made this deliciousness, I actually really loved the broth, but the noodles weren't so great, and the mock-beef was a bit too beefy... hmm.

And... sticky rice balls! Okay this was more of a rice log, and it doesn't look like much, but it was filled with a long stick of some kind of fried gluteny mock-chicken type thing, toasted sesame seeds, and some teensy bits of mock-pork. So good! So sticky! (I got it all over me). This was also by Buddha's Light.

The food was all so delicious, and if I could figure out if Buddha's Light ran cooking classes, I'd totally be up for it!

If you want the food, you can go next year, or try Fo Guang Yuan in Melbs.

Fo Guang Yuan
Buddha's Day