Saturday, April 10, 2010

tempeh burgers!

Primasoy tempeh is definitely my favourite tempeh - I love getting it at the market because you get to speak to the makers directly, it's always fresh, and they sell their yummy tempeh goreng (tempeh deep fried in an awesome pea-flour batter). You can buy little sachets of the batter mix at the market, which I did.

And clearly I'm getting really into this cold weather, with no raw dishes for ages! Oh well.

Our burgers contained:
Tempeh goreng

So good! We went to Brumby's bakery to get bread rolls - I don't usually buy bread, so it was such a novelty to be asked if I wanted to buy 6 rolls which meant I got the 7th free? Of course! Hooray free things! This was a mistake. I have now eaten far too much crappy white bread and am going wheat-free for awhile so my digestion recovers.

You know what they say. Once you've been macrobiotic for 3 months one Summer you can't go back to wheat & dairy & nightshade without paying.


  1. That looks delicious. I think I might have to trek out to St Kilda one day & try the tempeh goreng - yum!

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