Saturday, December 26, 2009

vegan gingerbread

Made using this recipe, from the Veganomicon authors. I made it on Thursday, our house was still a little warm so it was tricky, many trips back and forth with the dough in the fridge! It turned out so well though, I'm liking my icing skills.

I gave the cookies as gifts for Christmas, and kept a little stash for me & Chris. Delicious!

This is my cookie cutter, the supermarket ran out and I couldn't find mine. Totally pro.


  1. they look amazing - gingerbread is a tricky one because the dough is so soft anyway

  2. Hey Vegerati, are you interested in becoming part of Planet VeGMeL (

  3. YUM!

    I love your icing skills!


  4. those look fantastic - and I love your cookie cutter - I usually turn to a drinking glass but maybe an old tin will feature one of these days