Saturday, March 20, 2010


I love yakisoba, but I've never cooked it that successfully before. But, I was determined - I googled and settled on this recipe. I substituted the capsicum and bean shoots with puffy tofu and carrots, and I didn't add the lemongrass paste (I've never heard of that in yakisoba before??). I also subbed fried onion flakes for sesame seeds. But other than that I followed the recipe faithfully, and it was delicious!!!

I mentioned a few posts back about not overcooking the soba noodles, and defo keep that in mind. I cooked them until they had just started to go floppy, but so they were still very firm - they absorbed the sauce and the dish was quite dry and delicious.

So good!


  1. oh yum! i love it too, i must try out the recipe...

  2. sounds familiar but not sure if I have had it - but I have been trying soba noodles lately and still find them a bit soggy - so I like your advice about not cooking them that well - sounds like a good recipe to try cooking soba noodles again

  3. I love yakisoba too :)
    so glad i've found your blog, thank you so much for your kind words on my blog.
    Nice to meet you xox

  4. Lemongrass in yakisoba does sound a bit weird - it's not a very Japanese ingredient. Your yakisoba looks great!