Wednesday, February 10, 2010

miso noodle soup

Pretty much all I have been eating this week is miso noodle soup & rice paper rolls. I really am not a great candidate for having a food blog, usually I eat the same thing for a week or so at a time then switch. Chris is not such a fan, but I really enjoy it!

This week is miso noodle soup, so easy!

1 cup water
sliced onion
pumpkin chunks
puffy tofu
Simmer until the vegies are tender

handful of soba noodles,
little bit of soy sauce
a bit more mirin
Cook for about 3 mins, until the noodles are still a bit hard

Some miso paste that you've thinned in some water
Simmer for 30 secs

That's it!
Put in a bowl with cherry tomatoes & spring onions, and some shichimi togarishi.

Obviously you can use whatever vegies you like, but it's important to not cook the noodles for too long, as they will turn soggy in your bowl.

Do you like my new bowl? My grandma gave it to me!


  1. I love noodle soup too & miso! I think I am going to make this tomorrow night.

  2. I just bought a huge packet of soba noodle, I think I will make this for lunch today.. may I steal your recipe, please..? :)