Thursday, November 19, 2009

Roasted Cauliflower Salad

We've had a lot of cauliflowers in our vegie box lately, and they're not a vegetable I usually enjoy cooking... it's been so hot, so I decided to do a bit of a salad.

Basically, I chucked all this in a roasting pan:
1 cauliflower, chopped into florets
1 tbspn olive oil
1 tspn coriander seeds
1/2 tspn cumin seeds
1/2 tspn ras el hanout
1/2 tbspn soy sauce
1/2 tbspn pomegranate molasses

Roasted for 30 mins (or until the cauli looks golden-ish and cooked)

Then, I squeezed on the juice of half an orange, some torn mint, and let it cool for a bit. Mmm!


  1. i'm not the biggest fan of cauliflower, and i never really know what to do with it. but i still enjoy is when it's cooked right. this looks really good

  2. Hi Simon and Penny,

    I was wondering if you'd be interested in being part of Planet VegMel (

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  3. yumm.., I love golden - slightly charred cauliflower! I usually buy a head of cauli -they're so cheap at the moment- and chopped it all up in very small pieces, and put them in a plastic containers. As I only cook for 2, 1 head can last for 3 days. :)